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Oval Grooved Basket Lid
Hardwood basket lid or use as a lid for a bag holder.

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$ 5.69
Rectangular Lid
Hardwood rectangular lid to accent a basket.

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$ 5.99
Round Hamper Lid
16" with center drilled hole for knob

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$ 21.99
$ 8.29
$ 5.99
Whimsee Lid A
"Whimsee Lid is 8"" diameter on the back of the lid, which fits into the top of the basket. A wood hoop comes with the lid and is used as the rim on the basket to assure a good fit. "

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$ 16.99
Whimsee Lid B
"Whimsee Lid is 13 x 9"" oval on the inside. Includes a hoop to make a secure fit on basket, as the hoop is the basket rim. Goes with pattern 4544DK"

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$ 19.99
Wooden Rectangle Lid
Wooden Lid 19 3/4" x 11 3/4" x 1/4"
Drilled single holes

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$ 11.99