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Apache Wedding Tote
This is really a sturdy constructed tote basket, with a lovely reverse twill pattern inserted twice into the sides of the basket.

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$ 89.99
Baby Doll Bassinett
The perfect bassinett for your baby doll, as a gift to your favorite little girl or to yourself if you collect dolls.

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$ 99.99
Baby Doll Cradle with Rockers
A doll rocker that really works. Wonderful for collectors of dolls or for your favorite little girls.

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$ 69.99
Baskets and Herbs
Such a neat idea for a door hanging basket.

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$ 19.99
Candle Keeper
Antique basket used for storage of candles.

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$ 19.99
Doll Sled
The perfect size to sit on a table top and hold your favorite doll or teddy bear.

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$ 34.99
Hold My Mittens Basket
Keep your mittens dry and stored away, until you need them.

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$ 56.99
Keeper of the Klutter

Beautiful way to store many things.

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$ 109.99
Napkin Basket
A nice accent piece for your table.

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$ 19.99
Pepper Pot
Lidded pot in southwestern design has added metal painted green or red peppers.

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$ 34.99
Picnic Basket
Nice size for carring your supplies to a picnic or potluck.

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$ 69.99
Stacy's Market Basket
Just a nice all around market type basket for many uses.

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$ 34.99
Traditional Feather Basket
This is an old traditional basket that was actually used for capturing the feathers while the goose was being plucked.

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$ 79.99
Wooden Spindle Handle Basket
Woven in beautiful shades of browns, may be stained medium walnut

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$ 46.99